H2o Park Planning

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water park suppliers

According to the industry demand analysis of job location, water park purchase expert team customizes the routine aim to achieve the highest earnings. The plan will let consumers avoid three major blunders of waterpark investment, and prepare the project more lucrative under less risk.

water park suppliers

Custom made Design

With 21 years’ professional expertise, our design and style team will customize your own personal water park by merging equipments reasonably and medically, to build a thrilling, amusing, special and popular water area for you.


Installation Services

Pattern Corporation has the most business among the aquatic amusement products industry in China. We all also built the largest production, experiment and exhibition bottom in the world, which is over 2 hundred, 000 SQM. Trend Firm has both the Manufacture as well as the Installation, repair & upkeep licenses of Special Gadgets, which were rare and useful for China.



Customer Service

Trend Business provides complete set of h2o park after-sales, which is the 1st water park membership services in the world, to eliminate any prospective problems while operating your personal water park. As the very best after-sales services in the industry, the customer service center offers contacting training, equipment performance tests, facilities maintenance and restoring, and equipment replacing and also updating.


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